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Taco Looking

Get the Mexican thrill! It’s your favorite taco turned into a pizza with a generous portion of taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese.

From: 344.00
Jumbo Pizza Pair & Square
Your dream flavor is here!
🥳 SHAWARMA + Manager’s Choice and Hawaiian Pizza‼️ This Skinny Crust Pair & Square is a treat you don’t want to miss.
Yes! Only the best of the best to all Sam’s Pizza Lover! What are you waiting for Order na!
Original Chicken in a Wicket

Sam’s Original Chicken served with french fries and breadsticks.

From: 220.00
Hawaiian Pizza

“Aloha!” in a pizza – ham, pineapple and cheese

From: 250.00
Manager’s Choice

The Manager’s favorite! A hearty portion of ham, beef, green bell pepper, onions and double cheese.

From: 292.00
Sam’s Special

The best pizza in town! Eight delightful ingredients: ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, green bell pepper, onions, bacon, Italian sausage, and double cheese.

From: 344.00
Ultimate Jumbo Tacos

The biggest taco in town! Our home-made taco shell filled with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, beef and cheese. Add the salsa and you’ll go loco with this taco!

Skinny Shawarma Pizza

A delicious combination of beef, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, drizzled with creamy shawarma sauce turned into a mouthwatering flavor of thin crust pizza.

From: 290.00
Fourtastic Pizza

We made your favourite four-flavored pizza even better. Four all-time favorite pizza in one.

Pepperoni Pizza

Italian style pizza with a generous portion of pepperoni and cheese.

From: 250.00
Cheddar Styx

Wrapped cheddar cheese fried to a crisp and served with chili sauce.

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Orders at website will be placed & delivered on July 14, 2021