Crab & Corn Bisque

Available at Magsaysay Branch only

This innovative version of Crab and Corn Bisque from Sam’s Pizza is classic soup favorite with a special twist. If you are craving for a little salty and tasteful soup this one is for you.

Mango Salad Pizza

Mango Salad Pizza is your best bet if you’re wanting to substitute your meat toppings for a very delish and yes healthy treat. It is lite yet filling, and every slice is a piece of heaven in your mouth.

Pasta Filipina

Available at Magsaysay Branch only

Sam’s Pizza’s Pasta Filipina is a creative way to enjoy pasta the filipino way. Cooked in olive oil and topped with tinapa (smoked fish), salted egg and tomotoes , making it one of our flavorful pasta ever!

Seafood Pizza

The range of seafood toppings and options offered on our seafood pizza is something Sam’s Pizza is proud of. This is one of our favorite Deliciously Lite selections because it comes in a variety of delectable, amazing gourmet seafood topping combos that will surely please your taste buds.

Summer Salad

Available at Magsaysay Branch only

Salad has never been this yummy and healthy! Summer Salad is a healthier choice for those who are looking to enjoy a good bite of delectable salad. It has ripe mango chunks, fresh greens, chopped chicken breast, green bell pepper, topped with mango dressing!