Ceasar Salad

Crisp iceberg lettuce with croutons, bacon bits and parmesan cheese, served with home-made Caesar Dressing.

Chef’s Salad

Crisp iceberg lettuce with ham, cheese, bacon bits, eggs, tomatoes, sliced onions, green bell pepper, served with Thousand Island Dressing.

Crab & Corn Bisque

Available at Magsaysay Branch only

This innovative version of Crab and Corn Bisque from Sam’s Pizza is classic soup favorite with a special twist. If you are craving for a little salty and tasteful soup this one is for you.

Soup of the Day

Sam’s daily creation using only the freshest ingredients.

Summer Salad

Available at Magsaysay Branch only

Salad has never been this yummy and healthy! Summer Salad is a healthier choice for those who are looking to enjoy a good bite of delectable salad. It has ripe mango chunks, fresh greens, chopped chicken breast, green bell pepper, topped with mango dressing!