Our Story

We only use the highest quality ingredients.
The result is a taste you can swear by.

Sam’s Pizza started as a small taco counter along Magsaysay Drive. It was July 15, 1976 they first introduced the first square pizza in the city and possibly even in the Philippines.

The secret recipe for the pizza was given to the owner by his Italian-American friend from US Navy as a gift. It immediately became an instant hit to the locals, tourists, and US Navy Personnel of US Naval Base because of Sam’s Pizza’s good food and live music and entertainment. Few of the well known personalities that performed in Sam’s Pizza’s stage includes Lea Salonga, Eraserheads, Nexxus, and Christian Bautista.

Sam’s Pizza is just another restaurant, but a cultural trove, reminiscent of the bygone US Naval Base years. A trip to Olongapo City is not complete without a trip to Sam’s Pizza for their signature square pizzas, original fried chicken and more.