Cheesy Bacon and Mushroom

Everything is better with bacon, much more with mushroom and oozing cheeze.

From: 320.00
Chicken Fajita Pizza

Every bite is enhanced by the succulent marinated chicken, bell pepper, white onions, cheese blend and spices on our skinny crust. Chicken Fajita Pizza is deserving of all the praise because it is incredibly tasty and satisfying.

From: 269.00
Double Decker Pepperoni Pizza

Sam’s Pizza Double Decker Pepperoni is a game changer. Double skinny crust on your favorite pepperoni smothered with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Manager’s Choice

The Manager’s favorite! A hearty portion of ham, beef, green bell pepper, onions and double cheese.

From: 292.00
Mango Salad Pizza

Mango Salad Pizza is your best bet if you’re wanting to substitute your meat toppings for a very delish and yes healthy treat. It is lite yet filling, and every slice is a piece of heaven in your mouth.

Meat Festival

Topped with cheese, ham, pepperoni, beef and Italian sausage smothered in BBQ sauce.

From: 260.00
Pepperoni Pizza

Italian style pizza with a generous portion of pepperoni and cheese.

From: 250.00
Sam’s Special

The best pizza in town! Eight delightful ingredients: ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, green bell pepper, onions, bacon, Italian sausage, and double cheese.

From: 344.00
Skinny Shawarma Pizza

A delicious combination of beef, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, drizzled with creamy shawarma sauce turned into a mouthwatering flavor of thin crust pizza.

From: 290.00
Hawaiian Pizza

“Aloha!” in a pizza – ham, pineapple and cheese

From: 250.00