Jumbo Pizza Pair & Square

New Flavors Alert! 2 Pizzas for only P699!

Sam’s Pizza Jumbo Pair & Square is back with your old time favorite Manager’s Choice and Pepperoni pizza in Skinny Crust! Wait there’s more, you can avail that with one of our classic flavors, Hawaiian pizza in Sam’s original thick crust for only P699. Yes, thats 3 flavors , 2 Jumbo Pizzas for the price of 1.

Birthday Bundle

Family Size Meat Festival
Half Chicken in a Wicket
Party Spaghetti
Shanghai Wraps
Free 3×3 size of Birthday Cake & Party Hats

Ultim8 Pizza
Ultim8 Pizza is an 8 pizza flavors that you, your friends and your family can truly enjoy.
Manager’s Choice
Meat Featival
Chessy Bacon & Mushroom
All American
Taco Looking
Chezzy Overload
Hawaiian Pizza